'Crunch' time for new scoreboard

The owner of the Syracuse Crunch says a new scoreboard is a necessity. On Tuesday, the Onondaga County Legislature passed a 9.1 million dollar renovation package for the War Memorial but left out one key part, money for a new scoreboard. The owner says it's time for the team and the building to be treated with respect and get the renovation it needs.

The War Memorial will get a new roof and new locker rooms, something hockey fans will probably never even notice. What the Syracuse Crunch, the buildings biggest tenant really wants, is a new scoreboard.

"Probably the most important thing about a new scoreboard is the impact it has on fans, interaction in the game, able to see video much more clearly," said Howard Dolgon, Owner of the Syracuse Crunch.

A new scoreboard is a $716,000 expense county legislators are not going for yet. They want County Executive Joanie Mahoney to re -negotiate how to pay for it. Mahoney says she wants the legislature to see the scoreboard as an economic development tool and says the benefits war outweigh the cost. She says all the fans coming out to games helps local businesses.

A new scoreboard, Dolgon says, will also give them the ability to generate more revenue. Dolgon says a new scoreboard would keep the team in Syracuse.

"We have a lease, the lease has a limited amount of time left on it and we're going to do what's best for our fans and our organization," Dolgon said.