Cuomo and legislators plan to reverse NY SAFE Act ban on magazine size

Gov. Andrew Cuomo insists he's not rolling back a major element of the nation's most restrictive gun control measure that he pushed into law a month after the Newtown, Conn., shootings.

Cuomo and legislative leaders plan to change the law passed in January before a provision kicks in banning the sale of 10-bullet magazines. The gun measure outlaws any magazines that carry more than seven bullets, the nation's most stringent limit.

But seven-bullet magazines aren't made.

Cuomo says the change is needed to allow the sale of guns with 10-shot magazines, although New Yorkers will still be required to keep no more than seven bullets in them.

He says the law is still enforceable.

Under Cuomo's law, shooters can only fill 10-bullet magazines at shooting ranges and in competitions.