Cuomo gives Upstate Pep-talk, announces new film production facility in DeWitt

Governor Cuomo attended the State of Onondaga County address on Tuesday to reinforce recent development plans in the region, saying, â??The sky is the limit in Central New York.â??

Governor Cuomo took the stage to express his optimism about the creation of a NANO film hub in Central New York.

Mahoney first introduced the hub proposal towards the end of her speech. The DeWitt hub will work as a partnership between public and private resources to combine the NANO hub with a NANO film school.

The California-based film and television company Film House will anchor the hub and be the facilityâ??s first tenant. The facility will be led by the SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering. It will focus on using nanotechnology to innovate computer generation imagery, animation and motion capture technology that is used in film and television production.

"We're going to work with them on all the new innovations and graphics, high definition, imagery, the computer-generated imagery, which is all we do at CNSE," said Dr. Alain Kaloyeros from SUNY.

The project is expected to create at least 350 new high tech jobs and 150 construction jobs in Central New York. Construction is set to begin on the 52,000 square foot building by April 1 and is supposed to be completed by October. An additional building for more tenants is supposed to be completed by Spring 2015.

The project works on a seven-year growth plan. It includes a minimum private investment of more than $150 million over the next seven years, starting with an initial 125 jobs to grow to 350 jobs. CNSE will provide $15 million to build the new facility at the Collamer Crossings Business Park in DeWitt. Onondaga County has also invested $1.4 million on site work to make sure the business park is ready for construction.

"It's a perfect place to build out of, and it's kind of quiet and a little bit tucked away where we can do things movie related, blow things up and stuff, and not bother too many people, I don't think," said Ryan Johnson, a producer with The Film House.

Onondaga County is also working with the Syracuse International Film Festival to create an Onondaga County Film commission to provide marketing, coordination and logistics that support film production in the county.

The Film House says it will churn out three feature films over the summer, and hopes to get to five to ten films every year.