Cuse Pit Crew celebrates second anniversary

Cuse Pit Crew auctioned off signed sports memorabilia as part of its silent auction during its second-anniversary celebration.

Cuse Pit Crew celebrated its second anniversary on Friday night at Attilio's on North Salina Street. The anniversary celebration included raffles and a silent auction.

The group started two years ago when it's founders noticed a problem with annimal abuse, irresponsible breeding and dog fighting around Syracuse.

Cuse Pit Crew Program Director Stefanie Higgins said animal abuse often translates into human abuse, so the group is working to help break the cycle of abuse.

The organization provides basic training and humane education so people can better interact with animals.

"We've helped dozens and dozens of animals, but more importantly, we've helped the people," said Higgins. "And that's really what we want our focus to be because the people are the ones that are owning them or breeding them or fighting them or loving them. And we really want people to be the ones that take charge and ownership of that. So not only do we help the animals, but most certainly our focus is on the people, too."

Cuse Pit Crew is also working to eradicate the stereotype that pit bulls are mean and aggressive animals, saying the discrimination is unethical, and every animal needs to be treated as an individual.