Customers want answers from closed dealer

Customers who purchased cars at Spinella's Auto Sales say they never got their title and registration. Now, the dealership is shut down and car owners want answers.

When Heather Ruple bought her first vehicle, a 2007 Chevy Trailblazer, from Spinella's Auto Sales in Mattydale, she was given dealer plates and told to come back in a couple days for a temporary title and registration, which she paid for. Two weeks and several calls later, Heather says, "I called and was shocked when they answered the phone as Marissa's. Apparently they were under new management." In fact, Spinella's Auto Sales had closed.

It turns out the car that Spinella's sold to Heather shouldn't have been on the market in the first place. "I find out the title is not even clear. That's why they're procrastinating on getting my registration and plates to me," says Heather.

Thursday night, law enforcement oficers got involved. First Niagara Bank brought in reinforcements - trying, it says, to stop Anthony Spinella from selling off $95,000 in car repair equipment the bank says he doesn't own. When Action News confronted Spinella in the parking lot of the dealership, he said "It's all being handled with the attorneys and the Department of Motor Vehicles. Other than that I don't really have any comment."

But Carlos Addison wanted to talk. He says that Spinella's swindled him on payments for his trade-in car. He left Spinella's with what he thought was a used high-end Denali. "After all the paperwork was done. It's really not. It's a Yukon, made to look like something after-market," says Carlos.

Heather Ruple, the woman who emailed us for help, has also filed a complaint with the DMV. The department told her to stop driving her Trailblazer because of those dealer plates.

"This is not what I expected at all. This is very frustrating and very very stressful. It's ridiculous," says Ruple.