Cyber stalker terrorizing family (video)

Photo Credit: Photo by Alex Dunbar.

Former Syracuse Resident Christina Lobello joined a chat room when she moved to Florida to keep in touch with her old friends. But a new comer joined the chat room and harassed her friend. She defended the friend and became a target.

This is when the terror began and the cyber stalker stole a picture of Lobello TMs daughter from her profile and created a fake web page saying that her 12-year old daughter wanted to be raped by a stranger. The stalker even posted her address and personal information. And the disturbing messages continued.

Lobell says, He told me he wanted to come to my house, to tie me up, rape them and have me watch them as he kills them one by one and then take my life.

Tracking the stalker has been impossible for Lobello because he uses a program to hide his IP Address so he can TMt be tracked. Lobello believes the stalker is from Syracuse and is working with Syracuse Detective Chad Munroe to locate him.

In the meantime, Lobello has been getting pizza deliveries at her home and taxi cab requests all part of the stalkers doing and he continues his bizarre harassment.

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