Cyberbullying hits 1 in 3 CNY teens. Advice for parents

A new survey shows how many of our young people are affected by cyberbullying. We have advice on how parents can help their children and teens.

It's a problem of the times: cyberbullying affects almost a third of teens here in Central New York.

A poll by ATT, Siena College Research Institute and Tyler Clementi Foundation show 31 percent of Central New York teens surveyed, have either been cyberbullied, OR witnessed it.

And, one in every five parents says their child has been bullied, on line.

We spoke with AT&T's Dave Andrews on Weekend Today in Central New York, who says parents should review the 'rules' of social media so that young people learn, in a positive way, what is appropriate---and inappropriate --to post.

AT&T has a documentary (view it on YouTube) to help parents. There's a link, and also a website with resources for parents:

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