DA clears Murbro of alleged thefts from city owned garages

After 16 months of being under a cloud of suspicion, Murbro Parking has been cleared of criminal wrongdoing.

According to Chief Assistant District Attorney Rick Trunfio, an investigation into whether Murbro pocketed taxpayer money at city-owned garages determined that "no criminal conduct occurred."

As one of the area's leading managers of parking facilities, Murbro was under contract to manage Madison-Irving and Harrison Street parking garages.

On January 13, 2012, Mayor Stephanie Miner told reporters, "There is evidence of theft of revenue from the city parking garages by Murbro." The Mayor called upon the District Attorney's Office to investigate after a private accounting firm determined that hundreds of thousands of dollars in receipts were apparently missing.

Today however Trunfio said after working with white collar investigators with both the DA's office and the Syracuse Police Department, "We determined that Murbro did not commit theft or fraud... we agreed through their attorney Ed Menkin that the amount of money was $125 thousand."

Trunfio says Murbro has been directed to place $125 thousand in escrow.

Mayor Miner however says she is consulting with city lawyers to decide the next move. "The da felt he couldn't prove that and so we are going to get money back and we also have the ability to take Murbro to court civilly which we're examining that option as well." When asked if she felt the DA's determiation exonerates Murbro, Mayor Miner replied, "Not at all... I mean if it were an exoneration, they wouldn't be paying us $125 thousand."

Murbro's attorney, Edward Menkin told CNY Central, "Our discussions with the city are continuing and we're hoping to resolve this promptly. The DA's position has hopefully clarified the situation."

Trunfio says the investigation took so long because of sloppy bookkeeping on the part of both Murbro and the people at City Hall. Miner says she has taken steps to correct that situation.