DA, kidnap victim Heidi Allen's family called to site in Mexico

According to, an investigator searching for the body of 1994 kidnapping victim Heidi Allen found a second collapsed cabin in the woods. But, it appears the site was recently disturbed by someone. The Oswego County District Attorney was immediately contacted.

According to, the site looked as if someone recently went to a lot of effort to dig up the floor of the cabin. Federal Public Defenders Office investigator Richard Haumann said this discovery is significant because a man allegedly admitted he helped kill Allen and bury her body in the floor of a cabin in these very same woods.

A resident contacted a reporter on Saturday about the second cabin in the woods after she spotted two men in the woods near the cabin around 7:30pm. Haumann was on the scene today and contacted law enforcement officials after noticing the area was recently disturbed. Haumann seached another collapsed cabin a few days earlier only a half-mile away in the woods and found nothing.

According to, District Attorney Greg Oakes arrived at the scene around 3 p.m. AllenĂ¢??s aunt and uncle arrived a short time later.