DA: No charges in physical arrest caught on video

The Syracuse Police officer featured in a video some say shows excessive force will not face any criminal charges.

Onondaga County District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick did not name the officer, but said he has been disciplined.

Video was posted late in July showing a Syracuse Police officer arresting a man on Park Street in Syracuse. In the video, you can see the suspect's head slamming into the car. Fitzpatrick called the officer's actions "inexcusable" and says "police are not trained to shove people against police cars.

Edward Jones, 25, is the suspect featured in the video. He was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of criminal mischief. According to the arrest report, police were called to the home of Ashley Moyer, who claimed Jones was trying to see her, but she did want him there while he was drunk. The report describes the incident in the video like this:

"While we were speaking with Moyer, Jones walked to the sidewalk and stated, what are you going to arrest me for, drinking this on the sidewalk, and then started drinking his beer. Jones was placed in handcuffs and then positioned on the side of the patrol vehicle, while opening the rear door, he rubbed against the driver side mirror causing the plastic to break."

The incident prompted an investigation, and a response from the city. Shortly after CNY Central started investigating the case, Mayor Stephanie Miner and Police Chief Frank Fowler released the following statement:

"After learning about the video, Chief Fowler immediately contacted the Mayor's Office and the Syracuse Police Department commenced an investigation through the Office of Professional Standards. We are committed to conducting a thorough investigation of this matter and taking appropriate action. We have made great strides in improving the relationship between the citizens of Syracuse and the Police Department. We are committed to continuing to improve that relationship and, as such, we take this incident very seriously and are exercising the diligence it deserves."

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