Dairy farmer who lost all to fire has helping friends

The Jennison Farm is being rebuilt after a devastating fire. Neighbors are helping, and there's a barn-raising this coming week

In late April, Rod Jennison lost everything: the Brookfield dairy farmer woke up April 25th to find his barn on fire. He lost not only the barn, milk house and milking parlor at his Beaver Creek road farm, but also almost 100 cows--animals that he says he thought of as pets.

But, the farm is making a comeback from the half million dollar uninsured loss, with the help of friends and neighbors.

On Saturday, the Brookfield American Legion hosted a benefit. There were cash donations, and even a calf, for the comeback.

Jennison is a long way from being back to where he was before the fire, but friends continue to help, and donations are welcome at a Go Fund Me website

On Thursday, a crew of Amish builders is expected to barn-raise, building the replacement structure in about a day.