Damage is clearly visible from flooding in DeRuyter


eighbors in DeRuyter are trying to move past the recent flooding which tore through their town. Zack Thomas is one of those neighbors.

"My dad had just opened up the drain so a couple of minutes later he comes and says yeah we got a little over an inch and a half of rain in the past hour," says Thomas. "All of the sudden everything comes flying down and you could hear the huge stones and stuff so we're like there's no point in going over there."

One of the areas which Zack and the rest of his family will continue to work on is in the front of his yard where it is still very muddy and slippery. An area which Zack says was nothing but grass before the flooding.

The water has since gone down and the damage all over DeRuyter is now clearly visible. Especially on Carey Road where Zack and his neighbor Donald Lidell live.

The town received aid from the state to help them repair one of the bridges to help them get back on their feet.

"Them guys start at 6:30 in the morning and work 12-13 hour days and they're busy and you can't believe the things that they can do," says Lidell.

Dan Degear is the Supervisor with the Town of DeRuyter. "DOT crews have been there for about a week straight, through the holiday, through the weekend and they've done a ton of work for us, saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars," says Degear.

This has helped to fix public roads, but for Zack and his front yard, his work is still cut out for him.

"We can just do the hard labor and it really won't cost too much money, borrow the neighbors tractor down the road and fill up his bucket and go dump it somewhere," says Thomas.

On Thursday, the town board unanimously approved a relief program which allows grants to be given to low and moderate income homes. A HUD grant from 2000 was paid back to the town totaling $52,000. Due to the nature of the grant, the town is only able to offer help to those who qualify as low or moderate income.

For more information, you can go to the Town Offices, the DeRuyter Free Library, or online to

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