Dan Maffei discusses future with Syria

Rep. Dan Maffei


ith questions swirling for weeks about the involvement of the United States in Syria, Congressman Dan Maffei talked about where he feels the country might go moving forward.

Maffei was in meetings with Vice President Joe Biden earlier this week with a small group of lawmakers about a private briefing on Syria. He was privy to classified information as the White House continues to court his vote for action against Syria.

As the United States learns more about a Russian offer to diffuse the situation, Maffei is reserving his opinion on how the United States should respond as he learns more about our options.

"Until the crisis is resolved I'm going to continue to learn as much as I can about the situation moving forward some in public briefings some in private secure briefings, but I do feel it's my responsibility to make sure that I'm right on top of the situation even as it changes," says Maffei. "Even if it's not a big chance that it will work, it's a chance. And any chance to avoid conflict in a region that's just ripped apart by war I think is worth a try."

A second date for the vote on a resolution by Congress regarding possible involvement in Syria has yet to be scheduled. Maffei says he is willing to be as patient as it takes while waiting on the Obama administration to discuss future plans.

Days after the United States government released graphic videos capturing the horror of the chemical attack, many Central New Yorkers like George Cooper and Tyrone Raymond are split on what we should do next.

"It's crazy that we see these kids being gassed and people across the world aren't doing nothing about it and we have to come from across the ocean to do something about it," says Cooper.

"Honestly just leave it alone, just leave it alone. We got more important things here in our own country to worry about then to go over there to help them out," says Raymond.

For now, they will wait and watch as the President and lawmakers decide our next move.