Dan Maffei sworn in as Congressman again

Dan Maffei sworn in as Congressman

Democrat Dan Maffei returned to politics in Washington as he was sworn in to Congress this afternoon.

The 113th Congress convened at noon on Thursday, the constitutionally mandated time. Pomp and pageantry began simultaneously on either side of the Capitol.

Maffei, the former one-term Congressman, defeated Republican incumbent Ann Marie Buerkle in November. She ousted him in 2010 by fewer than 700 votes.

In the Senate, Vice President Joe Biden joined his former colleagues. He was swearing in the newest members as well as those who won another term in November.

In the House, they were electing the speaker, with John Boehner poised to win another term. The speaker will then swear in the members in the afternoon.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this article.