Danella Photographic is closing in a flash, owner excited where industry is headed

This photography store is hanging up it's pictures after thirty years in business.

Many of us own a cell phone which can take a digital picture of almost anything we want. Fewer of us have a camera which used film and needed to be developed. At Danella Photographic in New Hartford, Guy Danella is hanging up his camera and putting the lens cap on thirty years of owning his photography store.


This is totally pro


ive -- I'm just shifting gears. I've run this as far as I can run it

," says Danella. "I started this business with black and white processing being a needed necessity for professionals."

Professionals such as Tom Loughlin. He has been coming to Danella's since it opened in the 1980's to help with his career which has spanned from the Utica Observer-Dispatch to USA Today. After the store closes tomorrow, he will miss the help and guidance Danella has supplied him.


ou've got the expertise that goes with it. You have the little extras th


make the difference between shopping at a big box store and coming into someplace where they can really tell you what's what

," says Loughlin.

Danella doesn't mind closing down at all and is excited to see where this new Digital Age will bring this industry. He views it almost like a renaissance. "I like the entire idea of the iPhones and the droids and the phone in your pocket constantly, but it's changing things. I don't know how it's changing things. I'm all in favor for it, I think it's great. I don't know where it's going and I can't see the next step," says Danella.