Dangerous syringes found on west side

Leftover needles and syringes littering the streets on the west side.

We're always told look before you leap
. And
, that holds true if you're walking on the west side of Syracuse, particularly Shonnard Street. If you're not careful where you step, you many find multiple syringes.

For Annette Scott, she lives across the park. And, she says she's found tons of needles and syringes. That's why she rarely allows her family to play over there.

"I don't like. I don't. We've got kids out here. What if one of the kids picks up a needle and sticks themselves. Then what?

" says Scott.

While we couldn't find any needles in the park today, we drove down and spoke to neighbors who said there's an alley that is covered with them.

According to nearby neighbors, they say the syringe litter is not a new problem. Its actually been going on for more than a year. Several community organizations throughout
Syracuse know this is a growing problem. Karaline Rothwell is part of a group called the Westside Residents Coalition that is trying to clean up the mess drug users are leaving behind.

"Being aware of this issue and having a young child

and knowing that a little 5
-old girl was poked by a syringe last summer by a 7
-old boy who found it and was playing with it. It is very concerning to me," says Rothwell.

That's why the west side group along with ACR health do regular sweeps three days a week to reduce the risk of this potential health hazard. However, for Annette Scott, she thinks more needs to be done.

"I don't like it. I don't. This is a high drug crime area right here since I've been here. I notice this," says Scott.

And, because
Scott notices this, she's always looking down before she takes a step.

After speaking with the police, they say they're aware of this problem and are patrolling the area, in response to the city's heroin problem.

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