Dangerous trend sweeping the internet. Do you know about the Cinnamon Challenge?

A dangerous trend is sweeping the internet. It's called the Cinnamon Challenge.

The challenge is to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon in one minute without drinking any water. It's nearly impossible to do. To see an example from YouTube, click here.

Now, health advocates are speaking out about the damage the Cinnamon Challenge can cause.

Colby Sutter, a program coordinator for the Prevention Network in Syracuse, says the challenge can be misleading because cinnamon is usually not considered a harmful substance.

"At first, you kind of think it's harmless fun," says Sutter. "Then, as you kind of look at it as a mature adult, you realize the risks."

He says teenagers have brains that are still developing, so they may not realize the extent of the risks or recognize the challenge as a harmful situation.

Cinnamon dries out a person's saliva, so it's difficult to swallow large quantities of it at one time. Then, as people struggle to swallow the cinnamon, they risk inhaling cinnamon particles. That can cause long-term lung damage.

Sutter says it's important for parents to discuss the dangers of the Cinnamon Challenge with their children.

Have you heard of this new trend? What do you think can be done to warn children and teens about the dangers? Post your comments below.