The dangers of snow in your tail pipes

The dangers of snow in your tail pipes

Along the streets of Syracuse -- snow banks -- piled high. Cars buried under mounds of snow. But drivers beware because tail pipes blocked by snow can cause big dangers. With no place for fumes to escape which can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Bill Babcock says cleaning the back of his car is something he does every time it snows after a near life and death experience he had a while back in the snow.

"When I was traveling down south, I pulled off on the side of the road to get some sleep because I couldn't keep driving. I accidentally left the car going and woke up choking. It was close to being carbon monoxide poisoning," says Bill Babcock.

Cars that leak oil, especially one that's trapped in the snow, can also be hazardous.

"The oil saturates the exhaust pipes and normally an exhaust pipe won't get that hot but when you're stuck in the snow idling it cleaning your car now the exhaust is really hot and that's when that oil can catch on fire," says Tony Masello, owner of Masello's Auto Service.

So what can you do if you find yourself stuck in the snow? First call for help instead of trying to do it yourself. Make sure to give yourself time and always clear your car and get it checked.

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