David Renz pleads guilty in Clay murder and kidnapping case, speaks out in court

David Renz

Accused murder and rapist David Renz spoke out in court Wednesday morning after pleading guilty to first-degree murder and predatory sexual assault of a child in Onondaga County Court on Wednesday.

Renz, 29, plead guilty to charges that he murdered Liverpool school librarian Lori Bresnahan, 47, and raped 10-year-old girl as they left gymnastics class at Great Northern Mall on March 14.

"I do not fully understand what lead me to commit these crimes," Renz said in court. His laywer, Ken Moynihan says Renz has shown remorse for his actions. (Watch the video here or above.)

Under the conditions of the plea, Renz gave up his right to appeal. However, if the Federal Government decides to pursue the death penalty on carjacking charges, Renz has the right to withdrawal the plea.

Renz will get life in prison without parole for the murder charge and 25 years to life for the predatory sexual assault charge when he is sentenced in November 1. The sentences will run at the same time.

Renz's mother, Kathy Renz, read a statement expressing her deepest sympathy for Bresnahan family to reporters outside of the courtroom. (Watch the video here or above.)

At a news conference following the plea, Onondaga County District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick said Renz plead guilty because of "the mountain of evidence against him." (Watch the video here or above.)

Fitzpatrick wasnâ??t able to speak to the plans of the federal government to file the additional charge of carjacking, but said the federal government does not typically pursue the death penalty.

Fitzpatrick says Renz claims the attack on Bresnahan and the child was random; however, Fitzpatrick says there is some evidence that he may have planned the attack.

Fitzpatrick says it appears Renz had a fascination with violent pornography, which may have been a factor in the vicious attack.

Fitzpatrick offered condolences to the Bresnahan family. He says this is one of the worst cases he has seen.

Bill Cregg, who was first on the scene and who offered comfort to Lori Bresnahan as she was dying , spoke with CBS 5's Michael Benny about the plea on Wednesday. "This news is great for the young victim who won't have to testify. I think of her, and I'm so glad she won't be put though a trial," said Cregg.

In April, Renz was issued a

37-count indictment on charges

of kidnapping, rape, criminal sexual act, murder, and sexual assault related to the brutal attack and murder in Clay.

Renz was arrested in January on separate federal

child pornography charges

and was out on a pre-trial release program when he

slipped out of his monitoring

bracelet and attacked Bresnahan and the little girl.