Day Five at the State Fair summary

Among the highlights on the first Monday of the Fair:

Cows, very much in evidence on this Dairy Day, but if you want to see the 'black and whites,' the Holstein cows, today is their last day at the Fairgrounds. Tomorrow they clean the barns and bring in several other breeds, which will be on display through Labor Day weekend.

The Media Milkshake Contest is a Dairy Day tradition, and our team, Lisa Spitz and Peter Hall, whipped up a drink using coffee as a secret ingredient---appropriate since they use that early-morning jolt!

Monday is also the first of two Senior Days, over 60s get in free on Tuesday, as well.

Among the attractions, the winners in the Seniors' Arts and Crafts competition on display in the Art & Home Center. A cream colored crocheted coverlet won the director's award (worth a look no matter what your age!)

Also at the Fair Monday, the Lottery showed off its newest millionaires.

Paul Palladino and Amy Carroll, from Syracuse, bought a Prism Payout scratch-off ticket at Tops in Fayetteville Centre last month, and discovered they won as they were putting away their groceries.