Day One at the State Fair summary

Highlights of Opening Day

Governor's Day started without the governor: Lieutenant Governor Robert Duffy subbed in for the ribbon cutting, with Andrew Cuomo hosting President Obama in Western New York. But, the Governor left the presidential tour after Buffalo and flew to Syracuse, arriving in time for a 2pm mini-tour that included a stop for a Giannelli sausage sandwich.

Also at the Fair...the first glimpses of this year's sand sculpture in the Center of Progress, with a State Fair theme.

At the Horticulture Building, the Butterfly Garden boasts 10 species this year. You can go in for free, or pay a dollar and get a 'sugar stick' that attracts the insects to you. It's our first Blue Ribbon award of the year (our picks for not-to-be-missed).

And, new at the Fair, Stear Clear, a ride service for those who have too much fun and need help getting home.

They take both the driver and the car to its destination. It's at Gates 3 & 4, being introduced at the Fair, but the service will be offered full-time in the Syracuse area.