Day Six at the State Fair summary

We talk with the Syracuse woman who came up with this year's fair logo slogan and more on Day Six of this year's State Fair

Among the highlights:

Chubby Checker, the Syracuse Centrall Tech grad who introduced the world to 'The Twist' in the 60s, was the afternoon entertainer at Chevy Court. Besides seniors, there were lots of teens in the seats---holding their places for this evening's Austin Mahone concert.

On this Beef Day, U S Senator Kirsten Gillibrand was among the enthusiastic judges for the Media Grilling Contest. Our entry, Mama Mia Burger' had Italian spices (the recipe and samples at the Beef expo in the Dairy Products Building)

Laura was also cooking, at the Art & Home Demo Kitchen, with Pollo Panato (italian-style fried chicken)...check her Facebook Page for the recipe.

Also at the Art & Home Center, the Empire State Musical Instrument Museum is showing off, and letting people play a player piano, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary. You run the cylinder that makes the keys play, with your feet---the player piano model a precursor to our first, punch-hole computers.

And, visiting the State Fair on Tuesday, Kathy Denman. She works at Syracuse's Total Traffic Network, but she's a Fair Star this year because she came up with the 2013 Fair logo: Sharing the Bounty and Pride of NY. On our noon news, she told us she and a friend were just talking, and came up with the logo. Denman has not gotten a prize for the winning slogan, but says she enjoys walking around the grounds and seeing it everywhere