Deadline to register for STAR tax exemption is Tuesday

Homeowners in New York State have one day left to register for the Basic STAR property tax exemption.

"More than 2.2 million New Yorkers have used our fast and easy online registration process to ensure they don't lose their STAR exemptions," said Commissioner Thomas H. Mattox. "But we want every homeowner who qualifies for this important benefit to get it. So if you haven't registered, do it now."

The Tax Department says reminders included telephone outreach, local registration events, and mailings. The average homeowner saves $700 each year on local school property tax bill through the program. By registering with the Tax Department - a one-time only event - they'll continue to be eligible for the benefit in 2014 and beyond.

The Basic STAR exemption is available on the primary residence of homeowners with incomes under $500,000. The new registration stems from a Tax Department investigation that found thousands of taxpayers receiving STAR exemptions on more than one property.

Senior citizens receiving the Enhanced STAR exemption are not impacted by the new registration program.

Homeowners who haven't registered can visit to register, or call the Tax Department's STAR Hotline at 518-457-2036.