Deadly logging accident in Constantia

A man is killed in a logging accident, early Friday morning in Oswego County.

Investigators say Jerald Platt, 45, of Camden, died after a tree fell on him just before 8:30 a.m. .

Platt was logging on Cook Road, just a couple of miles from Country Route 17 in Constantia.

The property is owned by Lord & Winn Lumber, which was contracting land out to be cleared.

Platt was not employed by Lord & Winn.

He owned his own logging company based out of Camden, according to the owner of Lord & Winn Lumber, Courtney Winn III.

Winn says Platt was an experienced logger, and had been working on the land since November.

Winn remembers him as being a very hard worker.

"It's a tragedy, he was a good guy," says Winn.

"The woods are a dangerous place," he says. "Every situation is different. One log can look one way, one log looks the other. It's dangerous work."

The medical examiner is working to determine the exact cause of death, though investigators say Platt may have died instantly from the impact of the tree.

The Oswego County Sheriff's Office continues its investigation.