DEC responds to environment impact at Camillus Cutlery site

Monday evening, a fire broke out at the former Camillus Cutlery factory.

Demolition crews are tearing down what remains of the manufacturing section of the building. The warehouse section is still standing and will likely be preserved.

The roof of the factory has come down. A number of people are stopping at the scene to take pictures.

The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) released the following statement to CNYCentral regarding the Camillus Cutlery site:

"DEC will not know the extent of environmental impacts until the investigation is complete. We inspected the area Tuesday to see if there were any visible impacts from the fire. Some building debris has fallen into Nine Mile Creek and will have to be removed as the property is cleaned up. There are no visible signs of contamination in the creek (oil sheens, fish kills, etc). We inspected further down stream and did not see any issues."

Camillus Police Chief Thomas Winn tells CNY Central that the fire was ruled accidental and there was no criminal involvement. Chief Winn says a worker was cutting a steel pipe with a torch during light demolition when drippings from the hot pipe fell onto a wooden wall and caught fire.