Dedicated shoppers brave extreme weather for Mackenzie Childs barn sale in Aurora

Shoppers wait in line for hours in opressive heat and humidity for barn sale.

Mother nature wasn't going to stop dedicated shoppers from getting a good deal at the annual Mackenzie Childs' Barn Sale. Neither was distance. Beth Champlin traveled from Franklin, MA.

"We left last night and we drove six hours just to be here for the start of the sale today," says Champlin.

Char Boyd traveled all the way from Toledo, Ohio to check the sale off her bucket list.

"At my age you have a bucket list and number three on my list was to go to the Mackenzie Childs barn sale," says Boyd.

Hard core fans waited in line for hours in the oppressive heat and humidity to get into the annual sale. After coming for the past four years, Arielle Fleming and her mom know how to beat the heat.

"We bring our chairs and were taking turns. One person sits in the shade and the other keeps our place in line," says Fleming.

Just when there seemed to be no choice but to camp out by the fan

mother nature had a change of heart. It started pouring ran and the umbrella bin became the most popular destination. Despite the weather, everyone took it in stride because they were walking out with the bargain they've been waiting for.

Owner Howard Cohen says it's a testament to their brand.

"We're not selling anything that you need we're selling everything that you want," says Cohen.

"It's definitely worth it. If you're familiar with Mackenzie Childs it's a wonderful product. And the barn sale has good deals, making it worth your while for making the trek," says Champlin.

The Mackenzie Childs barn sale runs through Sunday.

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