Definition of rape is new flashpoint in race for Congress in Central New York

Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle

New commercial from Friends of Dan Maffei says Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle wants to redefine rape.

Over the weekend, the campaign of Democrat Dan Maffei put out a new television commercial targeting Republican Ann Marie Buerkle. The ad titled "Draw A Line,"
claims women who were drugged or even minors who were victims of statutory rape would not be classified as victims under law cosponsored by Rep. Buerkle.

Just days after the ad first hit television, Congresswoman Buerkle prepared to respond to the commercial. In a statement to CNYcentral, the Buerkle campaign said it will hold a news conference Tuesday to " to denounce challenger Dan Maffei's false attack ad regarding her position on rape. The event is Tuesday at Buerkle Campaign Headquarters, 2910 Erie Blvd. East, Syracuse.

In advance of the news conference, Buerke's campaign issued this email statement to CNYcentral calling on Maffei to apologize for the ad: "Dan Maffei's attack is not only false, it is shameless and disgusting. Using women who have been sexually abused as political props is despicable, even for Dan Maffei. Ann Marie Buerkle has 4 daughters and for 16 years has been a volunteer counselor for women who are victims of domestic violence. She would never vote to weaken criminal rape laws. Dan Maffei owes the voters of the 24th district an apology for his shameless attempt to use rape victims to score cheap political points," wrote David Ray - the Buerkle campaign manager.

David Ray