Deonna Shipman, kidnapped Liverpool girl, may have gotten no medical care, little education in five years

Deonna Shipman in 2007

Federal prosecutors are making some drastic claims about a Liverpool kidnapping victim.

Prosecutors say Deonna Shipman only had one week of school in the past five years, and can't spell her middle or last name. They also say she never saw a doctor or dentist in that time.

Investigators say Deonna Shipman was taken from her mother in 2007 when she was just three years old and brought to Thailand by her father, 51-year-old Jeffery Shipman. The Liverpool community rallied behind Deonna's mother, Luba, at the time.

Shipman appeared in federal court in Syracuse on Monday. He was deemed a flight risk and denied bail. He's currently being held in the Cayuga County Correctional Facility on charges of international parental kidnapping, a federal crime.

The claims about Deonna's life overseas came out during the bail hearing.

Shipman has pleaded not guilty. His lawyers also say
Deonnahad medical care as needed while oversees. Shipman's family has stood up for his actions, saying he is a good person who was trying to protect his daughter.

If convicted, Jeffery Shipman faces up to three years in prison and a $250,000 fine. No trial dates have been set yet.

Deonna Shipman is now back with her mother.