DeRuyter community is in shock over Truxton crash

This small community knows they will be able to move on together.


tarting at the four corners of DeRuyter, this small town community is grieving. Just about everyone has a connection to thse seven people killed in the crash in Truxton on Wednesday.

Jack Decicco is only one of the members from this tiny town who know how hearing news like this hits them and the ones they love.

"There was a couple people that were real bad. My Uncle Bob, he's related to them but I'm not related to them, but I saw him when I was down at the store over here after work. I saw him and he looked like he was going to just get down and start crying and everything," says Decicco.

Andrea Friedman went to high school with Lena Beckwith, one of the victims in the crash last night. "She was the really happy girl, always really happy to everybody. She just really wanted to be included in everything. She was a great girl," says Friedman.

Danielle Cuddeback was also a former classmate with Lena. "When I found out, I was like couldn't believe it. After two years someone was already gone from our class. I wasn't honestly that close to her. It just shows that it could happened to anyone. It's scary, it just wants to make me hold on to everyone I love and never let go," says Cuddeback. "We do have church vigils. We do have fundraising too. In the past we have done that for people who have passed away or have had cancer. I can honestly picture that we'll have some benefit for her."

As well as for everyone who was lost in last night's car crash. As this community picks up the pieces and bonds together as they remember those who are gone.