Despite heavy traffic and difficulty parking, fans excited about Zac Brown Band concert at Carrier Dome

Some at Friday night's Zac Brown Band concert came to the Carrier Dome in plaid shirts and cowboy hats.

Thousands of Zac Brown Band fans turned up at the Carrier Dome on Friday night, excited to see the popular country band play.

"I like their music because I'm a country fan, but they also have a lot of different genres, said Nate Delaney, seeing the band in concert for the first time. "They do some reggae and some bluegrass, and they're just an awesome band."

Others were equally as excited to see the band live, with some dressing in plaid shirts and cowboy hats for the occasion.

"I love the Zac Brown Band," said Nancy Bush, who drove an hour from North Rose, New York for the show. "They're absolutely wonderful."

Traffic and parking, however, created problems for some concertgoers. Police were stationed on streets around the Carrier Dome, directing long lines of traffic.

"There are no parking spaces anywhere in Syracuse right now," said Matt Cerullo, who opted to take a taxi to the concert and avoid parking entirely.

But others, who chose to tailgate before the show, did not have a problem. "It wasn't bad for us because we got here at like, 3:30, 4 o'clock," said Christopher Parkhurst.

Overall, the traffic did not seem to put a damper on the night's excitement, and fans were happy to spend their evening at the Carrier Dome listening to the Zac Brown Band.