Destiny USA 'Canyon ' becoming grand for shoppers

For years, Central New York shoppers have been waiting to see the result of the proposed Destiny USA, and while it may not be what was once thought, shoppers say they are enjoying the new restaurants, stores and attractions that are filling up the mall.

The expansion "Canyon" area, once desolate of stores and with the only promise coming from "coming soon" signs, is finally starting to take shape. Gordon Biersch Brewery held a preview party Thursday night, in anticipation for its opening on Monday. It joins fellow restaurants The Melting Pot and Cantina Laredo in the "Canyon" area.

In conjunction with Gordon Biersch preview, shoppers were impressed by the amount of people in the mall.

"I can't believe on a weeknight, a Thursday night, the activity here in the mall," Diane Foster, who went to the Gordon Biersch preview, says. "It's exhilarating."

Considering new entertainment attractions like Wonderworks and Pole Position Raceway, mall goers say they have seen a change in age of who is going to the mall, and that there is a younger generation of people that enjoy those entertainment venues.