Destiny USA job fair attracts hundreds of job seekers

Central New Yorkers from across the region went to the expansion wing of the new Destiny USA today not to spend money and shop, but to try to earn money by getting a job.

Destiny USA hosted a facility wide job fair this afternoon, matching up people with both old and new jobs at the mall. At this point, Destiny USA is done expanding, but with thousands of jobs available right now, they are still encouraged by the future.

"We expected a great turnout," Destiny USA General Manager Rob Schoeneck says. "This might be a little more than we thought. It really shows the opportunities that the Destiny projects are going to give people."

Those looking for jobs were encouraged too, as todayâ??s fair featured both full and part time jobs at a wide range of stores, which created opportunities for both young and old, especially for those just getting into, or returning to, the work force.

"I'm looking for a summer job that I could possibly come back to during my breaks from school," Kristen Ranalo, a sophomore at Roberts Wesleyan says. "It'll also be nice to come back from college and have a job.

While Ranalo was one of the many young current college and newly graduated people at the job fair, there were also numerous older candidates looking for work, either to move up in their career, or to support their family.

"I've been going stir crazy at home," Ana Haggerty says. "I came here because I just needed to support my kids, and my family."

The availability of so many different jobs, whether that being part-time or full-time, is what attracted the wide variety of job seekers.

"It's a spectrum," Schoeneck says. "You see 17-18 year olds and you see elderly business people in their suits looking for jobs. It's really the gammit of openings."

Schoeneck says there were about 50 stores and restaurants that were both new and old to the facility, each averaging about 30 to 40 full and part-time positions. Because of all of the jobs available, Schoeneck also says there will be more job fairs, possibly in the months of July and August, as more vendors come to Destiny USA.