Destiny USA job fair attracts hundreds of people looking for work

Arion Mims is still in college but he wants to add a full time job to his already busy schedule. On Thursday he joined hundreds of people at a Destiny USA job fair. Mims knows that many of the positions stores and restaurants need to fill are not high paying jobs but he says they would give him a chance to get his career started. Mims is studying marketing and hopes that by working now, he will be better prepared for graduation.

"This market is very hard so you can't be too picky with what's actually given - and who knows? You might get that part time job and it ends up being full time," said Mims.

Destiny USA stores and restaurants were hiring for another five to six hundred employees on Thursday. Ryan Mayer has had dozens of part time jobs but is ready to take on a long term career. Mayer hopes he can get one of one hundred and ninety positions at Dave and Busters or one the other entertainment venues. He sees Destiny USA's entertainment venues as a first step on a career in hospitality.

"There are a lot of options here. You have specialty retail, you have food, you have amusement back there, you have a bowling alley coming in," said Mayer.

The job fair also attracted some people who were already working full time and looking for part time work to make ends meet each month.

Working in retail and restaurants isn't easy but in a tough economy a job is a job. Gwendolyn Thomas hoped her experience would give her an edge for the full time openings.

"It may not be exactly what you want but you have to start somewhere. So just having the opportunity to get your foot in the door is great for me," said Thomas.

Close to six thousand people work at Destiny USA right now and more jobs are expected to open up in the fall.

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