Destiny USA preparing for 24 hour IHOP restaurant

The new IHOP in Destiny USA will be open 24 hours a day but Destiny general manager Rob Schoeneck says the third floor of the expansion is already used late night guests from the comedy club, Revolutions bowling alley and Dave and Busters. Many of them are often open until 1:30.

"We have a lot of employees, whether they are stocking a store or our staff that are here 24 hours a day but it is something new and is the next evolution at Destiny USA," said Schoeneck.

Some Denny's restaurants in Syracuse had problems with fights during the overnight hours in recent years but Schoeneck says the managers opening the new IHOP at Destiny have been running a 24 hour location at a mall in Nyack for a year and a half without any incidents.

"We haven't experienced any problems down there and we don't expect to do that. Our security staff along with Syracuse police that we bring in at night and on the weekends, we're going to be on top of it and we're going to be working with their management team just to make sure we don't have any issues," said Shoeneck.

Some Destiny visitors like Mike Hayes were in favor of a late night restaurant.

"To be inside the mall at a movie and come out and have a little breakfast or something - it would be nice," said Hayes

Others were skeptical of the crowd a mall restaurant would draw in the middle of the night

3:00am pancakes aren't much of a draw for Edna Brown. She walks though Destiny for exercise and while others considered IHOP a late night option, she was interested in it as a early morning option

"For people mall walking, stop in for a bite, a cup of coffee it would be excellent," said Brown.

Schoeneck says the IHOP is on track to open sometime in June. It will be located across from the Funny Bone comedy club.