Destiny USA's IMAX open in time for Superman and summer blockbusters

As promised, the IMAX and RPX theaters at Destiny USA opened in time for the summer blockbusters.

The first movie to be shown on the IMAX screen was "Superman: Man of Steel." The fist showing rolled at midnight, Friday morning.

Destiny USA had to raise its roof to fit in two massive screens; the IMAX screen and the Regal Premium Experience (RPX) screen, which together will add 700 seats to the Regal Theaters.

The IMAX screen is three times bigger than the average movie theater screen, standing 40 feet tall, and stretching 72 feet wide.

The RPX screen is 31 feet tall, and 58 feet wide.

You can check both screens out on the third level of the expansion in the mall, next to OptiGolf. The theaters have a separate entrance and concession area from the previous existing 17 screens.

"There's not a bad seat in the house," Rob Schoeneck, General Manager of Destiny USA, promises.

"On the behalf of the 230+ workers and multiple construction teams we put on this project, we are very proud getting this job done in time for Superman, Man of Steel," Schoeneck said in a press release.

Midnight showing tickets can be purchased at the Box Office on the third floor, or at

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