Details emerge about what visitors will experience at the 9/11 Memorial Museum

The September 11 Memorial Museum will not be open to the general public until May 21, but we are already getting news about what awaits visitors of one of the most horrific attacks ever on American soil.

Visitors will begin their tour in a pavilion surrounded by the rusted tops of two of the World Trade Centerâ??s columns.

From there, museum goers will descend stairs and ramps leading them to a dark corridor where they will hear the voices of people recalling the events of that terrible day.

They will also pass the battered â??survivorsâ?? staircaseâ?? that hundreds of people used to escape the burning towers.

Below are galleries filled with artifacts from the attacks, including a mangled piece of the antenna from atop the trade center and a fire truck with the cab shorn off. Also, fragments of planes, a set of keys to the trade center and a teddy bear left at a memorial can be seen.

Emergency radio transmissions and calls of office workers to loved ones can also be heard.

There's even a recording of an astronaut solemnly describing the smoke plume from the International Space Station.

The galleries are designed to immerse visitors into the feelings of chaos that happened on September 11.

The September 11 museum ceremony is being held in a place called Foundation Hall, a vast spec seven stories underground.

One of the hallâ??s sides is the famed â??slurry wall,â?? which held back the waters of the Hudson River during the collapse.

Katie Corrado
is live in New York this week to preview the opening of the museum, and to talk about the affect it has had on a local mother of a victim.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.