Details of former North Syracuse superintendentâ??s resignation agreement, to be paid salary and benefits

Kim Dyce Faucette

In a separation agreement between the North Syracuse Central School District and Superintendent Kim Dyce Faucette, the district has agreed to pay Dyce Faucetteâ??s salary and provide benefits for up to 18 months, or until she has found other employment.

The Board of Education accepted Dyce Faucette's resignation during a special board meeting last Friday. The board said it was a mutual decision not to extend Dyce Faucetteâ??s contract. The agreement, obtained by CNY Central on Friday, states that Dyce Faucette "decided to resign from her employment with the District."

According to the separation agreement, the district agreed to pay Dyce Faucette an annual salary of $182,000 through July 12, 2014. However, if she has not found employment by that date, and has made "good faith efforts" to find work, the district will continue to pay her salary until she obtains employment, or until January 12, 2015, whichever comes first.

The agreement defines "good faith efforts" as "reasonable efforts to apply for positions at a salary of not less than $165,000 per year." It continues to say that Dyce Faucette "does not have to apply for all positions that meet these qualifications but must make reasonable efforts while maintaining a degree of selectivity so that she remains a competitive candidate."

The district will continue to provide Dyce Faucette with a benefits package including medical, dental, and vision insurance, through January 12, 2015 or until she becomes eligible for comparable insurance coverage.

If Dyce Faucette becomes eligible for insurance coverage that is not comparable in cost, the district agrees to pay the difference in costs and/or provide comparable benefits through January 12, 2015.

Additionally, the district agreed to pay Dyce Faucette for 20 days of accumulated and unused vacation days by the end of this month.

The district also agreed to provide Dyce Faucette with a letter for recommendation.

Dyce Faucetteâ??s employment with the North Syracuse Central School District began on August 1, 2011 and was set to expire on July 31, 2014. Her last day of employment was July 12, 2013.