Detectives arrest three men for a rash of burglaries, finds one is fugitive from Kentucky

Detectives with the Onondaga County Sheriffâ??s Office Criminal Investigations Division arrested two men for burglary, one of which had escaped from a Kentucky jail.

Detectives found a trend in a string of recent burglaries that were happening in a 3 mile radius, including areas in the Towns of Salina and Clay.

Detectives were able to get suspect descriptions based on a perimeter they set up in the area. On July 31, detectives saw 21-year-old Luis Dechoudens walking in the Pitcher Hill area of North Syracuse. Dechoudens fit the suspect description, and as detectives approached him he took off on foot through backyards in the area. Deputies caught him on foot a short time later. The New York State Police helicopter, a Syracuse Police K-9 unit, and Onondaga County Sheriffâ??s patrol deputies helped in catching Dechoudens.

Deputies say Dechoudens tried to unlock his restraints and damaged a wall of the interview room at sheriffâ??s headquarters while trying to escape custody.

Dechoudens gave a fake name to detectives, but his fingerprints confirmed that he was wanted for escaping from the Christian County Jail in Kentucky. Dechoudens was wanted in Kentucky for escaping from the jail, as well as evading police, assault on a service animal and receiving stolen property charges. Detectives also found that he was wanted in Tennessee for statutory rape, three aggravated burglaries, two thefts, evading arrest and two parole violations. Deputies added forgery, criminal mischief and attempted escape charges to the list. Dechoudens was later charged with 3 counts of burglary, 4 counts of grand larceny and 2 counts of criminal mischief for his role in the burglaries in the Towns of Salina and Clay.

Luisâ?? brother, 19-yewar-old Franz Dechoudens, was also involved in those burglaries, as detectives say they found proceeds from the burglaries at his home at 601 Wolf Street.

Franz is charged with burglary and 2 counts of grand larceny, deputies say.

Detectives say they also found stolen property at 622 Wolf Street and arrested 37-year-old Steven Galvezo. He is charged with criminal possession of stolen property, criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of a controlled substance, unlawful growing of marijuana and criminal use of drug paraphernalia.

The investigation is ongoing.