Developing professionals: Matt's Memo

Matt Mulcahy.

It took just two seconds for us to stop the recording of one of our recent newscasts. That's all it took to start a conversation about the strengths of the news story and some ideas of how it could be better. The television news business offers possibilities for self-critique that are unique when it comes to professional development. We record our work and have the ability to watch it. That opportunity for improvement is only of value when we take the time to watch and evaluate.

We have been doing that more lately in our CNYCentral newsroom. Surely you can relate in your own field of endeavor to the struggle to squeeze time out of an already busy day to stop and address quality. Working the same way every day without reviewing the end product leaves us at the worst to make the same mistakes and at best to continue the status quo. Neither is the recipe for success in this industry or any other.

Our recent emphasis on feedback and evaluation is initially targetted toward the newer, younger members of our team. These highly talented, bright young people are thrust instantly into either an on air spotlight or a pressure filled newsroom and control room. They are asked to respond to deadlines while juggling half a dozen balls in the air to produce television and web stories.

The by product of looking closely at the video, writing and interviews of our younger producers and reporters is an opportunity for me to join them in watching my own work on the air. It's a chance to see whether my anchoring carries the energy and urgency it demands. It's a chance to see how our various newscasts flow from one transition to the other. It's a chance to learn more as Managing Editor about which stories that are conceived in our newsroom are a success when transported to the airwaves.

Do you take time in your profession to evaluate your work? How do you improve? I'd like to know if it also takes you two short seconds to get the ideas and opinions generating in your mind.

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