Devendorf joins volunteers at Rescue Mission

Eric Devendorf helped out at the Rescue Mission Christmas dinner.

He is used to cleaning up on the basketball court, but this Christmas Syracuse University Basketball Star Eric Devendorf washed dishes at the Rescue Mission in Syracuse. He's one of more than 300 volunteers who helped out this holiday, volunteering their time and getting something greater in return.

"It's just a chance to come out here and help people less fortunate than myself, Devendorf said.

This service is part of Devendorf's community service he needs to complete before he can return to the team. He is currently suspended from all university activities. He says he's been volunteering for the past few days at the Rescue Mission, helping out.

"I've been enjoying myself and the people around me," Devendorf said.

Many of the people around him have no where else to spend the holiday but at this dinner. They get a warm meal and someone to share it with. Robert Williams says has no local family he's in contact with.

"I had a change of events that happened in the life and the Rescue Mission has helped me in so many ways I am truly grateful," Williams said.

The Rescue Mission is offering more help than ever. This year 10,000 more meals have already been served over last year. This Christmas the Rescue Mission served nearly 1,500 meals, most of them deliveries. It can't get done without the help of volunteers who bring the meals to people in the community who are older or can't get out.

The Rescue Mission is in need of donations. For more information about how you can help, here's a link to their website.