DeWitt accountant lives his dream of appearing on 'Wheel Of Fortune'

DeWitt accountant Jason Landry won $5,300 on 'Wheel of Fortune'

Central New York fans of the hit game show 'Wheel Of Fortune' watched Thursday evening as a DeWitt accountant tried his luck at his favorite game. Jason Landry has been watching 'Wheel' his entire life and recently taped an episode in Los Angeles.

Landry's appearance aired Thursday evening, and his friends and family gathered to watch the show at Sharkey's in Liverpool. "It was surreal," Landry said. "The best advice I can give to anyone who thinks they want to go on the show is - follow the advice they give you - buy as many vowels that you know are in the puzzle that you can," Landry advised.

Landry won $5,300.00 on the show. "I expected to win the whole thing, but the experience itself was unbelievable," he said.