DeWitt gas station shutting down, owner can't compete with superstores

It's the end of an era for a local business. The Carrier Circle Mobile in DeWitt is closing down Monday.

"Basically I'm a dinosaur, my days are over," Owner Art Hayes said.

Hayes went to work for what was then a franchise in 1976. In 2006, he bought the land and building from Exxon-Mobile Corporation.

In recent years, the owner says it's been getting harder to compete with gas station superstore chains. Hayes says the stores are bigger and can offer more food choices and other products.

"Small independents can't compete against the big chains," he said.

Adding to the problems, he says, the loss of a customer base from businesses including Carrier Corporation and New Process Gear. Carrier Corporation has done away with its manufacturing component. New Process Gear is closing its facility.

"All these places shut down, of course that hurts us," Hayes says.

Hayes says he sold the property and the new owner is planning to open a superstore gas station at the site that will be twice the size of the current store. He believes it will be part of a chain that will open next year.

As for Hayes, he says he's looking for a new job.