DeWitt teen representing CNY in National Scrabble Championships

Matthew O'Connor getting ready for the Scrabble Championships

Matthew O'Connor, from Dewitt, may be only 15, but he already knows the key to racking up points in Scrabble is studying five letter words; lots of them.

â??I study 500 new words each week. There are about 50,000 of them, so I should get it done in 100 or so weeks," he says.

O'Connor, who is one of the top 100 scrabble players in North America, will be taking on some of the best players in the world this weekend at the National Scrabble Championships in Buffalo.

O'Connor has been playing Scrabble for seven years and says almost all of the players he will be playing have been playing a lot longer than that.

"Some of the people have been playing for 20 years, some of the people have been playing for twice as long as I've been born," he says.

Competitive Scrabble uses five different dictionaries and is adding words each year.

O'Connor says if you want to be good you have to know the words and the rules of the game.

"Scrabble is the only game where the rules change once in a while and the words change," he says.