'Diaper Bandit' dumping on Tipp Hill neighbor's yards

"Diaper Bandit" strikes on Tipp Hill neighbor's garden.

Neighbors are calling this person the â??Diaper Bandit.â?? People who live on Hayden Avenue and nearby streets wake up to dirty diapers in their yard.

"Some of them are individually bagged,â?? says Keith Moody.â?? Like, they take the time to put them in a bag and close them up, and, say, okay baby, letâ??s go out and throw some diapers on people's lawns. Like, who does that?"

Neighbors say this is not just a once in a while situation; this has been going on for well over a year.

"Some were found in my bushes over there, and itâ??s just pretty disgusting,â?? says Robert Clapper.

"Landed right in my nice pot of flowers,â?? says Margaret Muller. I have a big pot of flowers out front and it landed. So, I don't know if its kids or what it is. Who would do something like that?"

Now, the neighbors are left cleaning up one big, stinky mess.

"If they're outside Iâ??ll grab them because Iâ??m not going to just leave them out there,â?? Keith Moody says. â??Because that's just nasty."

â??You know, you don't want to go and pick up soiled diapers,â?? Margaret Muller says. â??So, I go and use my tongs and put them in there and dispose of it. But, Iâ??m getting tired of it. Letâ??s face it.â??

Some have put up signs warning whoever is doing this to just stop, but the â??Diaper Banditâ?? is persistent and continues to make daily stops, rolling down the window and tossing the diapers out. Robert Clapper says it seems like itâ??s more of an effort disposing of them this way.

"Why don't they just dispose of them properly instead of throwing them in people's yards?"

That question is on the minds of many in Tipp Hill.

"Whatâ??s wrong with you? You don't have nothing else to do? You can put it in the garbage. I don't understand why you do it,â?? Keith Moody says.

For now, neighbors will continue dealing with the smelly mess, but they say they're sick of being a drop off point for someone else's garbage.