Diaper debate - are reusable or cloth diapers better?

Colleen Fox, owner of Basic Baby, shows reporter Brandon Roth how to put on a cloth diaper.

Disposable diapers have been the diaper of choice for years. New parents generally considered disposables to be a more convenient and sanitary choice, but cloth diapers are making a comeback.

A new generation of cloth diapers is attracting parents concerned about the environmental impact, health risks and increasingly high cost of using disposables diapers.

Colleen Fox, owner of Baby Basics in Shoppingtown Mall, says using cloth diapers instead of disposables can save parents up to $4,000 during a baby's diaper wearing years.

"It's a growing trend right now because is better for your wallet, a lot less expensive than disposables, a lot healthier for your baby, and it's a lot better for the environment," she says.

(Watch a cloth diaper demonstration.)

New and expecting parents can learn more about cloth diapers at the upcoming CNY Baby Expo on Saturday, April 20th at Shoppingtown Mall.

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