Did the Green Party candidate really make a difference in 24th Congressional District Race?

Green Party candidateUrsula Rozum conceded in the race for 24th Congressional District shortly after 10 p.m. Tuesday night.

However, the race between incumbent Ann Marie Buerkle (R) and Dan Maffei (D) is yet to be determined.

In an interview on Wednesday, Rozum says she's pleased walking away with close to nine percent of the vote and with the direction the race seems to be going.

"Whether it's him or Ann Marie than win, they're going to be hearing from me, the peace council, and the green party. So I think Dan might be a little easier to work with on some of the issues we care about," says Rozum.

Political Science Professor in the Maxwell School at Syracuse University, Bob McClure, says her overall impact on the race was minimal.

"It wasn't a role that was a spoiler. Had she been absent from this race, I assume Dan Maffei's margins would be slightly higher," says McClure.

Rozum isn't sure what lies ahead for her political career, but says her dedication to the Green Party remains.

"You'll be hearing from me. I may not be the candidate. But the green party isn't going anywhere and we hope next time we'll see more green voters and I hope my supporters are here to stay as well," says Rozum.

They may not be the victors, but third party candidates are here to stay.