Did you notice the bug infestation in Central New York?

They are everywhere. Starting at dusk they became noticeable in the City of Syracuse: tiny insects that appear to be about half the size of a mosquito. It leads us to wonder: what are they? Has there been some hatching of insects?

Experts at SUNY ESF tell CNYCentral there are three likely possibilities for the bugs that invaded Tuesday evening. The Dancing Fly, Midges and Flying Ants are all known to go through their mating rituals at this time of year.

The sudden emergence of the bugs is all about mating, experts say. The good news is that in almost all the cases of these three types of bugs, the mating ritual is a short time span, and the males will die off. The female bugs will eventually chew off their own wings and go off to build new ant colonies.

Hundreds of people are talking about the bugs on the CNYcentral Facebook page. Lisa Suzanne McClenthan wrote, "We literally have thousands in our grass this evening. They appear to be flying ants."

Sarah Beth Curtis wrote, "My son and I went out for our walk and we turned around and went back home because of the bugs."

CNYcentral reached out to experts at SUNY ESF Tuesday evening, and we're hoping to get an answer soon about what these bugs are, and how long we'll have to deal with them.