Did you see storm damage? Tree into house in Wayne County

Tree into a cemetery in Wayne County / Chris McGrath

When a strong storm cell ripped through Clyde in Wayne County Sunday afternoon, Shane Goodwin and his family were at a graduation party 45 minutes away.

He said a neighbor called him to break the news that a tree had fallen on his home. Goodwin said he couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"I had to ask him three times and he was like, yeah (it's true)."

Goodwin rushed back to Clyde with his wife and two young children to find a massive tree resting on the roof. He got right to work with a neighbor, patching up holes in the roof with a tarp to keep anymore water from leaking into his home.

He even took time to show us video from his security camera -- capturing the storm and the moment the tree came smashing down on his home.

"I mean I like a good storm, but not this close to home, he said."

Meanwhile, just up the street NYSEG crews were already hard at work trying to restore power to customers in the area after trees and rogue branches took their toll on power lines. One of the trees fell onto a building at a local cemetery, taking power lines with it.

But for the folks who rode out the storm, they aren't surprised by all this damage.

"The wind picked up, the lightning was coming...and it just went crazy and I ran like crazy for cover," said Ginger Harper, who lives just up the road from the cemetery.

Despite how bad the damage looks, the people we spoke with in Clyde say they're lucky because things could have been much worse.

The heavy rain and winds came through between 3 pm and 3:30 pm. There was also reports of large hail there. There were tornado warnings in effect, however, there were no confirmed tornados on the ground.

Did you have any storm damage near you?

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