Did you see the Freeze Mob at Carousel Center?

Freeze Mob at Carousel Center for National Library Week

The Onondaga County Public Library celebrated National Library Week with a Freeze Mob Monday.

Kathy Osmond, Communications Director for the Onondaga County Public Library, says library officials organized the Freeze Mob to promote reading during spring break when most local school districts have the week off.

About 200 students and parents gathered at the food court for the event around noon. At exactly 12:30, one of the organizers stood up on a table signaling that everyone should stand as statues and read for three minutes.

Organizers say the freeze mobs are just one part of a growing coast to coast wave promoting reading.

"There have been a couple of reading freeze mobs throughout the country. I think I just found it on the internet and said we have to do this, itâ??s too cool," Osmand said.

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