Diners in Fulton enjoy a warm meal indoors after a long day in the snow

Diners at Mimi's Drive Inn in Fulton earned every french fry. Fulton was included in the narrow, but strong snow band where close to two feet fell overnight and throughout the day in parts of Oswego County.

It took John Rusho two and a half hours to plow his driveway, but he says he's used to it.

"We've lived here almost 40 years and we're pretty used to it. This isn't actually rare here," says Rusho.

Kaylee Palmer was thankful it was a holiday and she didn't have to go to school and brave the weather.

"I did not want to go out there. It was like blizzard. You couldn't even see. The visibility was ridiculous," says Palmer.

Rodney Wallace of Fulton spent more than an hour shoveling the driveway, but says it's good for his health.

"Good exercise for me. I enjoy getting out and shoveling and plowing. I'm used to it after living here all 60 years of my life in Central New York. So it's part of reality," says Wallace.

After a long day spent shoveling snow, the people of Fulton are grateful for a place like Mimi's where they can come in, sit down, and enjoy a nice warm meal.

"It's nice to come in and everyone's talking about the weather. It's a good place to eat. Mimi's has been here for years and they'll probably be here for years to come too," says Wallace.

"We enjoy coming over here especially today. I took a nice warm bath and then we came here and enjoyed a meal," says Rusho.

A relaxing night and a full stomach, in case two more feet drop overnight and it's another morning spent with the snow shovel.